Global mindset is the capability of seeing a situation from different perspectives to be able to make better decisions, and choose to respond instead of just reacting to a stressful situation. Global mindset is the ability to see a situation from multiple perspectives and flex our behavior so we can be competent and confident in most situations, specially the stressful ones – outside of our own cultural boundaries, applying the blueprint of why people think and behave differently. Global mindset is about growing the skills to turn those differences into synergy instead of painful liability, and it is perhaps the most wanted skill for leaders in our era.

GlobalDISC certified, we invite our candidates to take the GlobalDISC assessment so we can map together their preferences and, therefore, their potential blindspots/cognitive bias to grow the Global Mindset they need to fulfill their leadership mission.

So, how does it work and what does it measure?

As we know, personality is partly inherited (personality type) and partly learned (cultural background).
GlobalDISC measures and reveals:

  • The individual’s personality type
  • The individual’s cultural orientation in terms of communication and behavior
  • The intercultural gap between 2 individuals, an individual and a group, an individual and countries or other DISC styles
  • How to map, adapt to and influence other personality types (team leader role)

By getting out of your comfort zone, trying new behaviors, experiencing something new, you have more choice over how you react to different situations. You’ll find it easier to cope with what life throws at you, which leaves you less stressed, more effective and up for almost anything. And this is exactly what Global mindset is about and what GlobalDISC has been developed for!

You are in a leadership role and you want to take the assessment?

Global DISC assessment

Take the number one assessment that will map your cultural preferences and orientations and reveal your cognitive blindspot to enable you to understand the blueprint of why people think, behave and engage differently. Buy it now and you will receive an invitation to your email to take the assessment online (15 minutes only).