Haute Culture came to life from years of experience in the HR field, working alongside global talents and decision makers to provide a tailored solutions to a 21th century major challenge; the interaction gap. Our mission is quite straightforward: we help global teams grow and perform together. On one hand, we help companies hire cultural intelligent leaders, which are on the other hand trained to become such!

In the Japanese culture, the term “Nemawashi” refers to an informal process of laying down the foundation for some proposed changed by involving the stakeholders before any formal steps are taken. The original meaning of this word is literal and applies perfectly to our vision: digging around the roots to best prepare for transplant, and change…


Like many companies out there, you probably are looking for the dream team! That’s a awesome ambition, however, how do you make sure this team interacts the way that it benefits the whole? Well, that’s where we come in the picture! Indeed, we help you hire and retain cultural intelligent team leaders to make the team interact in a way that they feel engaged and included.


You probable are looking for a company with a cultural intelligent mindset that allows you to experience diversity at its fullest! And you should be, nothing less to best express your creativity and elevate collective achievements to new heights! We provide you with tailored coaching to best help you cover such organisational aptitudes on the corporate side, and connect you with advances global mindset leadership teams on the market.

Value for companies

  • Certified SHRM diversity recruiting practices
  • Internalize our services and plug it to your TA & HR teams
  • Project Management certified work methodology to ensure collaborative operations through digital tools

Value for professionals

  • Change Management certified training
  • NLP and CCE certified coaching
  • Diversity HR Management certified coach
  • Diversity recruiting accredited